Our Story

At BabyBlueRoo, I wanted to create handmade products that REVEAL ranchy/cowgirl flare.  Most of my jewelry is sterling silver or copper with a hint of turquoise here or there (my weakness & Rylee's love).

However, all of my pieces are inspired by thoughts of her and her western lifestyle.  Each piece is handmade by myself with the oversight of my canine children.   BabyBlueRoo jewelry can be worn for any occasion. 

As I journey down this path of grief through fashioning, the MOST important goal is keeping her memory alive with jewelry that express her tone. 

BabyBlueRoo's name was derived by her beautiful blue eyes and nickname Roo.  Most of my pieces are one of a kind and not duplicated.  If you see something "Sold Out" that you would like, please message me and I will try to replicate. 

Enjoy your purchase and thank you!